Friday, 5 October 2018

The Gold And The Rainbow: Colour and Laughter Aboard Alchemy 1

As we entertained our loved ones from Australia; Kate and Martyn, followed by Amanda, Cordelia and Clem, and finishing with Simon, Sonia, Jess and Lucy, we revelled in the light and colour of the waters of West Fiji. Here are some of the highlights of our final days in the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands.

Clem and Amanda made the hike to a lookout on Manta Ray Island. Alchemy 1 is anchored near the channel.

The water is so inviting you just have to leap right in!

Cordelia takes the plunge. Then Clem.

Lucy and Sonia, Simon and Jess.

Kate and Martyn.

Captivating as the water might be, however, it is not nearly as fascinating as it's many inhabitants.

Who is down there? Amanda, Cordelia and Clem have a bird's eye view of the wonderful creatures below.
Some of whom stare right back!

Lots to learn; Papa shows Jess and Simon a healthy shell.
And, as Kate demonstrates, it's hard not to want to capture such vibrant subjects on film.

Orangefin Anemone Fish.

The blue cloud.

Reflections of the reef.

Cordelia and Clem happy after a great snorkelling expedition.

It's all so bright, I need my sunnies!
And Papa needs to have his hair brushed!
So many laughs, smiles and adventures aboard Alchemy 1, it is impossible to capture them all.

And last but not least; how about those Manta Ray hunts?

What a strange way to have fun; encouraging your loved ones to leap into the water with something that looks like this.

Clem and Cordelia getting ready to jump out of the dinghy.
Of course, once you're in there, you can see the true majesty of this enormous creature.

And the re-telling is so much fun!

After providing so much joy for so many people, on one of our last visits to Vuda Marina, Alchemy 1 finally got the berth she deserves.

Complete with coloured lights at night!

Bye bye, Fiji. On to our next adventure!


  1. Thanks Geraldine, this is a wonderful summary and collection of photos. Clem says, "we had a really, really good time. we loved the food (chocolate + ice-creams), loved the fish and the coral, loved the manta ray"

  2. Thanks for taking us all on this awesome adventure. The manta rays!!